Yz for Legal Reasons

On 21 May 2021, the Special Criminal Court was informed that the trial would continue on 31 May. [21] The delay was caused by both COVID-19 and the number of witnesses in the case. [21] The court heard that “YZ,” the nameless man, had a legal issue that was now resolved. [21] The study is expected to last 12 weeks. [21] The man, known as YZ because he cannot be named for legal reasons, arrived at Store Street Garda station in Dublin on May 6, 2019. The accused, known as YZ because he cannot be named for legal reasons, denied any involvement in the kidnapping, telling Gardaí that he was not the person who had asked Mr Lunney to resign as a director of Quinn Industrial Holdings. The men called on Mr Lunney to resign from his post at QIH and drop the legal proceedings in which he was involved in Belfast and Dublin. Workplace culture can also be the same between the journalism and legal industries. In her testimony, the applicant testified that the attitude of the editors is of general calibre, that we do what we tell them and that we resign ourselves to it. In one case, the complainant stated that she was told to “get tougher, princess.” The workplace, whether it`s the editorial office, courtroom, or boardroom, can not only be a place where employees are passively encouraged to ignore their individual health needs and prioritize work, but are also under active pressure to overcome legitimate barriers they face. Moreover, in this case, the plaintiff was a woman who worked in a “blokey environment,” as she testified, adding an extra layer of gender to the disastrous mix.

The legal profession is male-dominated and the feeling of keeping pace is familiar to many women. Such a workplace culture can, in most cases, have a negative impact on employee well-being. On the morning of November 26, 2019, four men appeared in the District Court of Virginia, in Cavan County, and were charged with assaulting and falsely detaining Kevin Lunney. [13] [14] [15] They were Luke O`Reilly of Kilcogy, County Cavan, Alan O`Brien and Darren Redmond – both of East Wall, Dublin and a fourth man could not be named for legal reasons. [13] Luke O`Reilly and the fourth man are remanded in custody. [13] Bail applications were made on behalf of Alan O`Brien and Darren Redmond – Gardaí appealed on several grounds, including those related to evidence and witness intimidation. [13] [15] Justice Denis McLoughlin dismissed both applications and all four were taken to Castlerea Jail. [13] [15] This is clearly a case involving a journalist and her employer, a print and online media company; What does this have to do with the legal profession? Well, more than what could be seen on his face. Lawyers and journalists often share exposure to traumatic events and stories that can potentially be emotionally absorbed by the lawyer or journalist. This is a phenomenon known as “indirect trauma”.

Indirect trauma, if not recognized, becomes more serious psychological problems. Depending on the area of law in which a lawyer operates, exposure to criminal acts and other incriminating matters is nine to five for many lawyers. The work for municipal justice centers for oppressed and marginalized citizens and small businesses dealing with criminal and family law is particularly rich in material that can upset and worry people. Comments are closed due to ongoing legal proceedings. Justice O`Neill issued his decision in February 2019, in favour of the plaintiff, stating that The Age breached its duty of care to its employees by failing to provide a safe workplace. In his reasoning, Justice O`Neill noted that the plaintiff`s psychiatric harm was foreseeable for her employer for certain reasons: the nature of the crime reporting and the Supreme Court reports was filled with material so traumatic that it was obvious to the employer that exposure to that trauma would cause; Experts have documented that exposure to traumatic material poses a risk of psychological harm; And the plaintiff herself had complained repeatedly and showed real signs and symptoms of emotional distress, suggesting that her suffering was chronic, not isolated. The man, known as YZ because he cannot be named for legal reasons, went to Store Street Garda station in Dublin and complained that a family member had been repeatedly arrested on the street. 8.

In November 2021, the court began pronouncing the verdict. [24] The man known as “YZ” was convicted of falsely imprisoning and intentionally injuring Kevin Lunny. [25] The judge was satisfied that “YZ” was the driver of the black Audi used in the abduction and that he inflicted most of the serious injuries on Mr. Lunney. [25] Alan O`Brien and Darren Redmond were also convicted of the same charges. [25] Luke O`Reilly was acquitted because there were reasonable doubts that he knew what was planned. [25] Detective Sergeant Woods later agreed with YZ defender Michael O`Higgins SC that “someone who is no longer with us” was an allusion to Cyril McGuinness. On the morning of November 14, 2019, a woman, her son and an unrelated man were arrested in connection with the abduction. [11] The woman was detained under section 30 of the Crimes Against the State Acts 1939, while the men were imprisoned under the Criminal Justice Act 2007. [3] The mother and son are believed to be related to a person involved in the abduction, and the other man allegedly delivered a vehicle. [11] They were detained at Garda stations in Kells, Cavan and Monaghan.

[2] They were released and a file sent to the DPP.[12] The court today also saw CCTV footage of various vehicles on the M1 and M3 motorways, as well as in Dublin and Cavan, on dates in September 2019. When asked who bought the van, he replied, “A friend is no longer with us. I am not mentioning anyone`s name. Members of the Garda Síochána and PSNI are investigating the attack. [4] Under the same provisions, Detective Sergeant Woods asked YZ to explain the presence of blood with Mr. Lunney on a sliding door in the Kangoo. The accused is not allowed to contact each other, and if it is necessary for him to be in contact, he must contact the Gardaí. [16] The requirement to check in at Garda resorts will be suspended during COVID-19 restrictions.