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LL.M. students often face the biggest challenge in providing a sample of legal writing because they have limited experience with legal research and writing. Here are some suggestions for a writing sample: The formal “writing sample” itself can be about five to ten pages long, should highlight your legal analysis skills, and be a carefully polished and impeccable article. While most employers don`t need a copywriting sample at first, they will inevitably need a solid example of your legal research and writing skills at some point in the recruitment process. For an example of formatting your reference list, see our sample reference list. Your writing sample should include a cover page. Include your name and contact information on the cover page. You should also indicate why and when you wrote the sample – for example, for a legal research and writing course, as part of a memo for an employer, for a specific journal. (If you`re reformulating an earlier effort, be sure to explain it, such as “based on a memorandum I wrote in our first writing program in the spring of 2016.”) If your writing sample has been accepted for publication, be sure to indicate this. Also note if you omitted sections of the example for length reasons. If you delete the facts section, you should include a very brief statement of the relevant facts (no more than a few sentences). In addition to our general overview here, see the Career Guide, which is distributed under Guidance for a detailed discussion of writing examples.

For instructions on designing your writing pattern cover, we recommend reading our sample writing pattern cover page. In addition to your resume, representative business sheet and JD** transcript, as a lateral litigation candidate, you must attach a written sample to your application documents. Candidates often ask me for advice on what kind of writing I should use. A cover letter should never look like a form letter. Always take the time to write a cover letter tailored to each employer. If you are responding to a job posting or advertisement, make sure your letter details how your background or experience matches the specific hiring criteria mentioned in the advertisement. Don`t just repeat the problems that are already listed on your resume. If you write to the hiring partner or leader of a particular group, be sure to explain how you think you are a good candidate for that group.

Abby Gordon, Council, Biglaw, Career Counseling, Job Search, Sidelink, Lateral Movements, Legal Writing, Sponsored Content, Copywriting Thank you notes should be sent as soon as possible after an interview or informational interview. There`s no need to send a thank you to every person you`ve interviewed with, unless you can personalize each thank you by briefly mentioning something unique you`ve discussed with each person. Instead, send a thank you to the recruitment coordinator if the employer has one and ask them to thank each person you met. If possible, you should send your thank you letters within 24 hours of the interview. We encourage you to read our sample thank you notes for more clues. In addition to our general overview below, see the Career Guide distributed under Orientation for a detailed discussion of cover letters and email correspondence. It contains additional information on writing cover letters and emails, as well as examples of different types of correspondence. It is highly recommended that LL.M. students consult the appropriate chapter of the career manual when writing, revising and formatting their written correspondence.

For additional tips when creating your cover letters and emails, we recommend reading our examples of different types of correspondence. Its name 207 P Street, NW Washington, DC 20008 (202) 555-0000 employers often require students to communicate with them via email. Always treat email correspondence as you would treat a printed copy of a cover letter or resume. Many employers consider an email to be an example of writing, so pay attention to grammar, spelling, and punctuation rules. Remember that emails should be short but professional and give the reader an instant idea of what you`re trying to communicate. ** If you are applying to a law firm as a lateral partner, you will generally be required to provide a resume, a representative question sheet (an “agreement sheet” for company employees), a JD transcript, and a sample letter for candidates in the process. Very few positions also require a lower-level transcript. For higher positions, a business plan can be helpful. Of course, it`s also important to tell a company the reasons for your move, but if you`re applying through a recruiter, it`s the recruiter who writes the cover letter. You don`t need to write a formal cover letter.

My best advice? Go with your instincts. What do you think (don`t think) is the best example of your best writing? Post-interview correspondence should follow the same general format, but may not require a separate introduction, text, or concluding paragraph. If the subject of the correspondence is limited – for example, a quick thank you or a quick question or answer to a question – then a single paragraph could contain both the introduction and the body, and perhaps even the conclusion. We recommend a list of three to four references. This may be a combination of law schools/undergraduate professors and/or employers. We do not recommend using a personal reference (for example, Your Growing Neighbor), unless that person can also confirm that they know you in a professional or educational environment. Before listing your references, be sure to ask each person to serve as a reference and keep them informed of your job search activities. In addition, it is useful to include the following information in each reference: Editor`s Note: This is the latest in a series of articles from Lateral Link`s team of experts. This post was written by Abby Gordon, Senior Director at Lateral Link, who works with associate lawyers on law firm and in-house research, primarily in Boston, New York and Europe. If you are sending your application documents by e-mail, save your cover letter in PDF format and attach it to your e-mail. This allows you to keep your formatting when the employer prints the document. Wife.

Nan Hunter Hiring Partner Hunter, Collins & Associates Suite 10 600 New Jersey Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20000 Cover letters should be written in the general style of business letters and printed on high-quality bond paper that matches your resume paper and envelopes. A one-page cover letter is sufficient for each job. See information about the content of each paragraph. In the employer address box, you must include the name and title of the person who will receive the letter, followed by the name and address of the employer (remember to include the postal code). Whenever possible, your cover letter should be addressed to a specific person, such as the hiring lawyer, human resources manager or internship coordinator. If you don`t know the person`s name, call the company or organization and ask who to address your cover letter to. Lateral Link is one of the top-rated international law firms. With more than 14 offices worldwide, Lateral Link specializes in providing lawyers to the world`s most prestigious law firms and corporations. Lateral Link is run by former practicing lawyers from top law schools and has a tradition of hiring lawyers to execute the lateral jumps of practicing lawyers.

Click here to learn more about us. When using email to help you find a job, always keep the reader in mind. Your first thought should be, “Who will read my email?” Consider the reader`s position, organization, and potential needs and goals.